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Mortimer Keefe is my singer-songwriter alter ego, the name you'll see on the road sign while finding way to that decadent yet euphoric village that is my music. 

I've made and recorded music for four decades and I'm only just getting started. Genre-fluid, I'll make every damn song that tickles my fancy: from folk to jazz, from soul to disco.  Life is too short for bad music. 

The Mortimer Keefe project includes musician input from artists such as Petteri "Pit" Parviainen (Zoufris Maracas, Faton Cahen Trio), Hervé Bezamat (Budapest, Grand Causse), Irwin Gomez, Brice Moscardini, Pasi Kaunisto, Julien Tekeyan, Didier Malherbe (Hadouk), Ahmed Ben Dhiab, Saint Louis. 

Collaborating with talented and experienced musicians is a revealing and colourful mirror that will always be an important aspect to my sound universe.

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