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Morty's brand new

My ArmsMortimer Keefe
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The first Mortimer Keefe album was called Stations (available on all streaming platforms by that name). The new album is being created at this very moment, and first songs are already here! 

CONGRATULATIONS is a post-pandemic anthem, paying homage to the great disco songs of the 80's, with mono synth sounds (exuberant synth solo by Irwin Gomez), funky drum & bass combo and layered choirs galore. If this song had a motto, it would be: "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu." I am because we are.

MY ARMS, on the other hand, exclaims the joy of giving life: becoming a parent. It's a peaceful pop ballad, arranged by my man Pit, with the crystal-clear trumpets of Brice Moscardini as the golden lining.

More to come. 

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